What’s all this?

I chose “Life and Angles” as a blog title because of a simple truth that every photographer and photography enthusiast knows about: it’s that a photo tells a thousand words–and there’s a story behind every photo, about people, things, about us…about life itself.

My main goal is to share these stories with all of you, to express my passion for photography; may it be creative photography, photojournalism or the like.

I’m an amateur photographer taking a shot at the opportunity to express and gain new learnings in a much larger, feedback-guaranteed audience. Through this blog, I can achieve all that. Through YOU, I know that there are more people out there who would know what life is from my standpoint.

Im planning to post at least once a week or twice, if given the resource and the opportunity. I’ll post my captured images of any kind and do my best to relay whatever story or simply a description of that image. I’ll be capturing from any camera, from my DSLR or, if a situation deemed necessary to capture the subject on a smartphone, I would. (Most especially if I didn’t bring any camera)

Friends, it’s almost like a photo journal.

It would be an amazing journey. Ciao!


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