This is my hometown. Gubat is a Bicol word which directly translates to “forest”–as it once were. It’s in the south of the major island of the Philippines (Luzon) and one of the best part about this place is that it’s one of the surf capitols of the country!

Behind this label is a beach and a surf camp (there’s actually two) and a lot of places to just chill. The whole tourism thing is just starting out but a lot of people from out-of-town are starting to discover this hidden gem. It’s not quite there yet, tourism-wise, but it’s getting there. There’s a cool resort nearby where most tourist stay and enjoy their morning, afternoon and nighttime beach hangouts.

Surfing is a big thing here. If you plan on coming, just google the place or you could contact me for more information about the place. I’m no travel agency, so better yet get one!

I took this photo from across the street. Behind this label before the actual beach is a breeding ground for cows. This is where me and my father would watch meteor showers. It’s wide and sometimes used for outdoor picnics though, I would recommended the caretakers to, well, take care of all the cow dung lying there at some parts.

It’s a good place and everytime people from around here come back, it just feels nostalgic.


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