The Sitting Catholic Jester

I guess it’s their way of luring not only pilgrims and faithful Catholics, but the common people as well. This is a gazebo in front of the Metropolitan Cathedral in Naga City, Philippines–in time for Christmas!

Below the roof is an image of the Nativity of Christ (but you can’t see it here because I dimmed all other elements of the photo except for the lights, but I’ll try to upload some photos of what I’m talking about). Images and yearly designs like this for churches and parks is a big thing here in the country. But one of the differences would be, is that the image of the Holy Family is literally everywhere: in establishments, malls, churches, schools, parks–you name it.

But since I’m having my month’s theme of Christmas lights, this is just one entry for it. I’m just fascinated how this year Christmas lights design for the Metropolitan Church and around the lot is more…circus-themed. It looks like a jest’s hat, don’t you think?

F/5 | 1/80 | ISO 1600 | 50mm

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