Forgotten Not

I was out for a while last month with all my outputs for my communication studies. But I’m back sharing to you a project me, my brother and a civic-society group started only two weeks ago during a celebration of a prominent icon who died 3 years ago, DILG Sec. Jesse Robredo. We would go around the city, ask residents, vendors–ordinary people–what they think about a certain topic or just ask them how life is for them.

We went around the city interviewing the local folk about a specific topic. We have a Facebook Page for it (Word on the Street – Naga City) too! But here is a man we interviewed near the the Ateneo de Naga University and he’s not who we seem.
This is George Bargas, a local resident of Naga City, who has roamed the streets near the university, known by the college studs as “Tito George” (or Uncle George). He’s been around longer that 2 decades in the city. When we came and asked about him, I honestly thought we would have a difficult time trying to get him to talk. It turns out that he spoke fluent English (and Spanish!). I asked how to spell his name then he says, “G as in good, E-O-R-G-E, B as in boy, A-R-G-A-S.”

As we continued talking to him, we were surprised to know he was a former softball/baseball coach to kids, professional waiter, welder, driver. I had to reflect. Most of the people say this man is just a “hobo”, or just a…man. No legacy to uphold, no nothing. But when he spoke, he spoke with sophistication, while wearing a charming smile.

Truly nothing is as it always seem.


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