New Hope

“How ironic is it that we are a city surrounded by the flowing river yet we do not pay attention to it.”

I currently live in a dormitory, where, across the road there’s a bridge under an old but very known river in the Philipines. The Bicol River. A significant river recognized from centuries ago until now. The river where the centuries-old image of the Our Lady of Peñafrancia, adored by its devotees and pilgrims, is being traveled to as a procession for the region’s week-long festival. A river that is being stolen of life by the same lives who surround it.

There’s been a lot of attempts to save it. But unfortunately, the people’s enthusiasm quickly dies down after those attempts, declining the idea of even maintaining. Now, though, our group, “Kabataan Para Sa Pilipino” (roughly translated to, “The Youth for the Filipinos”) is attempting a way to save this river.

We’ve adapted this latest development in cleaning relatively large bodies of water, like this river. The photo you see of a bread-like piece of rock is actually cleaning bacteria (whatever it really is called) that helps absorb dirt from the water, making it clear again in a few weeks time. Imagine a hundred of them in one area. bokashi balls

IMG_20150508_062243The ceremony and launching of these “bokashi” balls were successful as we cruised along the dying river. Results are promised after a couple weeks.
Hopefully this time, we’ve started a change that would be worth it in the long run.


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